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Video Game Developement Srilanka

Video Game Development
Master Class

By RAM Studios

Learn game development online and embark on an immersive experience during an end-to-end interactive game development masterclass that offers you the skill-set you require to develop AAA quality games. Start today and master the art of design and storytelling through cutting-edge game development techniques with expert guidance and practical lessons conducted by RAM Studios.

Video Game Controllers

Course Summary

Gaming is no longer an entertainment medium, it is now a lifestyle and a billion-dollar industry globally. The demand for real-time 3D skills is at an all-time high, and learning via the Unreal Engine is a great way to open next-gen game developer students’ career potential.The course structure takes problem-based learning and solving methodology to deliver practical knowledge to all participants. The game development masterclass will be carried out during three semesters. One could opt to stop or continue after the first semester depending on the desired level of game development knowledge and move on to the next level on demand. Learn more about Unreal Engine, tips, tricks and extraordinary skills to design and engineer AAA quality games to the wider world.

Video Game Controllers

RAM Studios

An independent video game development company and a subsidiary of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd, RAM studios, released a ground-breaking video game titled ‘Extraction Valley’ via the Steam platform. Extraction Valley was acclaimed as Sri Lanka’s first multiplayer, third-person shooter video game creating waves in both the local and international gaming arena.

With their latest venture, RAM Studios EDU aims to create awareness of the modern video game industry among the younger generation while encouraging them to follow a passion-driven self-learning approach.
RAM Studio's passion inspired game development experts will share their experience and mentor anyone passionate about game development, and all things design during an interactive masterclass.

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