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Problem-Based Learning Approach

Our focus will be on sharing experiences and expertise to solve real problems, and how one must embrace positivity and can-do attitude to succeed in an ever-evolving world and marketplace.  Problem-Based Learning (BPL) will be our core teaching and learning technique employed at TekXila.


Skill Development

We focus on skill development is based on three key pillars; Passion, Solution-Focus and Can-Do Attitude. From day one, we will monitor and track the development of all our students. The focus is not on assignments or exams, rather on developing skills, based on projects you complete. Instead of a transcript, we will provide our students with a personalised skill development profile.


Mentor Community

Experienced industry specialists at CodeGen will be your mentors and lecturers. With over 500 highly skilled professionals, CodeGen boasts of a multidisciplinary talent pool. From extraordinary design experts, solution whizzes and implementation specialists, our carefully selected team of mentors are multiskilled. They have vast experience in customer-facing roles, with some of the largest blue-chip companies around the world.


Teaching Method 

Students will be given research links to refer to, and a bunch of problems to solve. Theoretical lectures or teaching will not be facilitated at TekXila. Students are encouraged to learn vital skills such as discovery, creation, innovation and problem-solving. We expect all our students to learn on their own, study the problem and solve it systematically. Once the problem is solved, our industry specialists will step in and work with the mentees one-on-one.


Bay 1-5, TRACE Expert City, Maradana Road, Colombo 01000

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