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Creative Graphic Designing 
For Beginners


By CodeGen Industry Specialists

Creative Graphic Designs are computer-generated imagery and digital illustrations created to visualize and communicate effectively about a potential product or service offering. The course will expose you to the fundamentals of design elements and hone your skills to be a creator. Start today and master the art of Creative Graphic designing with expert guidance and practical lessons conducted by our experts at TekXila.

Video Game Controllers

Course Summary

In this fast paced and rapidly digital world, there are still a few professions that need the human touch. By diving into the world of graphics design and visual communications, you will be learning an art that cannot be replaced by AI nor machines in its entirety. Gain the fundamental skills in color, geometrics, typography, visual representation & communication, interface & editorial design, and so much more. By mixing art and technology, you are able to express your ideas visually and tell compelling stories by deploying a range of design components. Learn more about the ins and outs of Graphic Design to propel your creativity and imagination beyond limits you knew existed.

Video Game Controllers


Explore, discover, and design solutions under the guidance of our industry specialists. At CodeGen, we deliver multidisciplinary applications for multiple industries. Be it design, commerce or solution architecture, our data scientists and industry specialists in industrial design, UI/UX have global exposure to deliver industry worth content using problem-based learning approach. Future-proof your career with technologies and skills of the future.

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