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Audio Engineering
& Music Production

By CodeGen Industry Specialists 

As a studio sound engineer you could be responsible for planning and recording sessions with an artist or musicians, setting up the required equipment, recording each instrument separately and then editing and mixing recorded tracks, enhancing the sound to achieve a high quality recording.
Start today and master the art of music production and audio designing with expert guidance and practical lessons conducted by our experts at Tekxila.

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Course Summary

In the not so distant past, studio quality recordings and music production were just in reach of the people who had the means to dish out for such studio needs. Nowadays, with how digitised the world has become and the power of the internet, we're seeing the rise of many homegrown talents exhibiting their illustrious work with relatively affordable hardware but mostly through powerful programs that allow them this accessibility.
This course will provide you with the knowledge and resources needed to record and produce professional-sounding music. Learn more with us and get a deeper understanding on the software's used and develop audio engineering skills through practical workshops on recording, mixing, mastering and editing.

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