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Career Boost Program

Our Career Boost Program offers real-world experiences for a hyper-creative generation. Students are encouraged to explore, design, and discover practical solutions that go beyond theoretical projects. Embrace Problem-Based Learning techniques to innovate extraordinary products that are future proof at TekXila and accelerate your career progression.

Why Join TekXila

The future job market will not focus on titles; companies will look for skills that reflect a person’s passion and willingness to solve problems in quick-time. There will be little or no focus on the number of years one has worked in the past. Companies will look for an industry-ready, production-ready workforce with a can-do attitude to challenge the status quo. Let highly skilled industry specialists take you on a journey to discover the real-world.


Problem-Based Learning

Discover . Explore . Innovate

All our programs are designed around Problem-Based Learning (PBL). We are moving away from content-based education and facilitating industry requirements to bring about the much-needed change in the higher education landscape. Students are given problems, based on real-life scenarios where they are required to design practical and groundbreaking solutions. PBL method will require the mentee to research online and offline via multimedia resources to bring out the best ideas to life.

to Programs

Programs We Offer

For Students


We are here to inspire the change-makers of tomorrow’s world, aspiring to be technology specialists. At TekXila, you will be encouraged to focus on your soft skills and sharpen your technical skills in software, design engineering and other related fields by exploring real-world scenarios. After completing the overall program, you can even join a company at an early age and pursue higher studies while on the job.

For Univesities


If you have just completed your degree or still reading for your degree, we have the right mix of skills to prepare you for the real-world. At TekXila, we provide a space for you to apply what you have learnt during your degree or course in real-life. Engage with our mentors and work on real projects to strengthen your technical skills as well as soft skills. 

For Professionals


Level up your skills and know-how by actively participating in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT and related technologies to accelerate your career. Explore, discover, and design solutions under the guidance of our industry specialists and gain hands-on technical experience at TekXila. Future-proof your career with technologies and skills of the future.


Program Scope



Debugging with Concurrency



Algorithmic Thinking

Programming Language Evaluation & Selection

Best Practice


Algorithm Design

Enterprise Application Design & Development

Designing Applications

that Scale

Testing & Unit Testing

Industrial Programming

& Practices

Design Pitch &


Contact Us

Contact Us

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